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How To Enter


ArtSpectations 2016-17

A colored pencil online competition from the
Colored Pencil Society of America

The competition begins May 1, 2016

How to Enter ArtSpectations
Digital Image Specifications
Tips on Using the Website

Download the CPSA ArtSpectations 2016-17 Prospectus

How to Enter ArtSpectations
  • If this is your first time entering, create an account. If you have earned Signature status(es) with CPSA (see “What is CPSA Signature Status?” on page 3 of the prospectus or information on the home page of this website) enter it along with your last name. (Download the CPSA ArtSpectations 2016-17 Prospectus)
  • Complete the account information, which includes your first name, last name, email address, time zone and password. (Be sure to set your time zone.)
  • Click the “Save & Exit” button when you’re done.
  • You will receive an email from FluidReview with a clickable link to confirm your account registration (check your Spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox). If the link is not clickable, you can copy and paste it from the email into your internet browser address bar.
  • Once back on the website, click the “Get Started” button to submit your first entry, which takes you to a submission page. There are 5 steps, which must be completed in order. You may want to read through the steps below and have your information ready beforehand. At the end of each page you will have the option to “Save & Continue Editing” or “Save & Exit:”
    1. Eligibility Form: Asks whether or not you are a CPSA member and whether you have adhered to CPSA policy that the concept, design, and execution of the artwork you are submitting is your own.
    2. Application Form: This is the form for entering information about your artwork and you as an artist, including a) artwork title; b) confirmation about whether or not you’re a CPSA member; c) what your signature status is (if any); d) what medium you used for your artwork (must be 100% colored pencil or mixed media with predominant use of colored pencil); e) size of art in inches (height x width to nearest tenth of an inch); f) surface of art (type of paper or support); and g) your art website URL (if you have one). Be careful entering your image information as it cannot be edited after submission.
    3. Upload Your Image: Locate the JPEG (JPG) image file for your entry on your computer and submit.
    4. Payment: Payment (see page 2 of prospectus) may only be made through PayPal. Once the payment process is complete, you’ll receive PayPal’s confirmation.
    5. Submit Your Application: This uploads your image to the Gallery where you’ll be able to see it immediately.
  • For each additional entry, repeat steps 2 through 5 (maximum of 5 entries per artist).
  • You’ll need your email address and the password you chose when you created your account to log in to
    submit entries or review your account information. You do not need to log in just to view the entries.
Digital Image Specifications
  • Digital image of artwork should be cropped to edges of the actual artwork. Do NOT include frames or matting unless artwork extends onto that surface.
  • Recommended image file type is JPEG (JPG).
  • The longest side of your image should be a minimum of 600 pixels and maximum of 1920 pixels (PPI/DPI is not a factor) to enable viewers to see enough detail onscreen. This will also create a file size easily uploaded to the FluidReview website.
  • You may unobtrusively watermark your image if you are concerned about Facebook/Internet exposure. Keep in mind that if the watermark is too prominent, viewers and the judge may not be able to fully view or appreciate your artwork.
Tips on Using the ArtSpectations Website
  • Viewing artwork: There are two ways to view all the submitted artwork:
    1. Click “Submissions,” upper left corner in black bar.
    2. Click on “Gallery” in the upper right corner just above the ArtSpectations banner, and click again on the “View the online gallery” link you’ll see.
  • To review or edit your account information, (including changing your email address or password or adding your Signature status to your last name), log in and click “Settings” in the upper right corner just above the ArtSpectations banner. Or click on your name in the black bar and choose the “Account Settings” option.
  • Internet browsers: FluidReview recommends Google Chrome as the best browser for using their system, although Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox work well for many visitors. If you experience difficulties, you can try accessing the site from a different browser than you normally use.
  • Social media sharing: When viewing individual entries, you’ll see buttons at the bottom of the page where
    you can share the entry and comment on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many other social media outlets. Click on the “Share” button to see all the options.
  • Sorting the entries: On the Gallery (Submissions) page, you can sort the entries in any of three ways: Alphabetically, Newest, and Oldest. Select one and click the Submit button. You can also enter all or part of an artist’s name, the title of a painting, or even a single keyword. Click the Submit button to activate your Search.
  • Options after logging in: Click on your name in the right corner of the black bar to access options for Account Settings, Help, and Sign Out.
Questions regarding ArtSpectations? Please read through the information available on this website or download the CPSA ArtSpectations 2016-17 Prospectus. If you don't find the answer, contact CPSA exhibitions director: Arlene Weinstock, exhibitions (at) cpsa (dot) org.